Ultimate Guide to Black Friday 2013

This year, Black Friday will take place on November 29th 2013, and people will be ready to pounce on any deal they can get their hands on. Black Friday was originally a US tradition, as it marked the first full day of Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving.

Some of the year’s biggest discounts can be found on this day, so before it is upon us, check out our ultimate survival guide to Black Friday 2013:

Start Early

The Black Friday deals actually very rarely start on the day itself. Many shops now use the day as an excuse to start a sale for a period of time on the countdown to the day.

Amazon is a great example of this; they have already launched two new pages on their website and have even provided their customers with a gift guide to help them find the best deals for the right people.

Be Prepared

If you are planning on honing in on Black Friday itself to get the best deals, you need to make sure you are prepared:

to do list

  • Go in with a strategy – You are likely to have limited time on Black Friday and you don’t want to end up stood in the middle of a shopping centre unsure of what to do next. Make sure you have a game plan and a list and know which shops you are going to and what products you want to get.
  • Get the discounts – Before you leave the house, make sure you have any leaflets or discount codes that could get you the best deals out there. There’s no point going shopping on Black Friday unless you are going to get a deal, so check you have everything you need before leaving the house.
  • Remain focussed – Know what you want and go and get it. Dithering in the middle of a shop could leave you stressed and confused and you may end up walking out empty handed. The day will be tiring but if you can get home with everything you planned to buy, it will all be worth it.


Once you have got your list and plan in place, it can still be so tempting to buy other things if you spot a great deal or hugely discounted item.

Don’t be tempted by things you may not need and might not be able to afford on top of your other purchases. It may seem like a great idea at the time, but you may not agree later down the line when you get your credit card bill!


ParkingIf you are planning on driving to a town or city to do your Black Friday shopping, make sure you have planned somewhere to park. Often the main car parks will be full, so you don’t want to get there and find yourself stuck in traffic with nowhere to park.

Scout around the outskirts of the town a week before Black Friday and find a relatively empty car park or road that you can park on and walk to the shops from. It will save you a lot of hassle.

Stay Safe

Fun and exciting though Black Friday can be; it can also be a dangerous situation. In crowded areas, thieves can dip into bags much more easily, so make sure you take a bag with a zip that’s easy to carry.

If you are planning on buying something expensive, take a plain coloured, non-branded bag with you so you aren’t advertising to thieves what you are carrying. If possible leave children at home as they could easily get stood on in the big crowds or even worse, kidnapped.

Go Online

If getting stuck with hordes of people ducking and diving to get the best deal sounds like your idea of hell, then don’t forget you can always make the most of Black Friday by shopping online.


You can sign up for emails and alerts with your favourite retailers so you are the first to know when the deals are up without even leaving the comfort of your home.


Good luck and happy shopping!

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