Top Dog Walking Clothes

We all love our dogs, they are great companions to take with us on walks through the countryside and even just to explore the fields and land around us, but one big bugbear when it comes to walking your dog is clothing.

Walking your dog in grim weather such as the wind and rain can really put a dampener on your walks, especially if you end up freezing cold and

soaked through. It really adds to the situation when your canine pal gives you a big hug when you get home and you end up covered in hair!
There is some really great clothing out there that will protect you from the elements as well as keeping you free of dog hair, so that you don’t have to chuck everything straight into the wash basket:

Craghoppers Ladies Vision Jacket Black

Craghoppers Ladies Vision Jacket Black


This fab jacket is a great length, making it easy to walk without it getting caught around your legs. It is made of AquaDry polyester, which means that it is reasonably lightweight and can be used for everyday weather and will dry quickly if you get caught out in the rain.

The coat has three pockets, one that is zip controlled inside the coat. These are really useful if you need to carry around leads, dog treats or even a ball to throw for your pooch on the walk.

With a practical and casual style, this jacket is designed to keep you warm at all times. It has a nice lining and also comes with an inner drawstring system and Velcro cuff adjusters, so you can keep out any drafts should the wind pick up!


Jack Wolfskin Ladies Stratus Vest Dark Steel

Jack Wolfskin Ladies Stratus Vest Dark Steel



When it comes to choosing an under layer during the winter months, or something that is more suitable for early autumn or spring, it’s best to stay away from fleece materials. Dog hair quite literally clings to fleecy material and can be incredibly hard to clean once the hair has entangled itself in and become matted.

This wind resistant body warmer can work really well underneath a waterproof coat or jack, but can just as easily be worn on its own for an extra layer of warmth. The padding is made of loose fibrefill insulation and synthetic insulation is used on the shoulders for extra protection – great if you wear a backpack anywhere.


Jack Wolfskin Ladies Tri Paw Grip Glove Grey Heather

Jack Wolfskin Ladies Tri Paw Grip Glove Grey Heather


These warm fleece gloves have been designed to fit female hands, and they even have a paw print design to match your dog. The gloves are lovely and soft to touch, but have a nice grip design, which is great if your dog tends to pull when on a walk.

These gloves are durable, strong and will take the hardships they will endure on any type of outdoor walk. They are also easy to clean should they become dirty and will dry very quickly – great when you need to wear them daily!


Montane Ladies Terra Ridge Trouser Shadow

Montane Ladies Terra Ridge Trouser Shadow


If you are looking for the perfect pair of trousers that won’t leave you looking like you have wrapped a tent round your legs, then these stylish and great fitting trousers are for you. They are lightweight and have a two way stretch for extra flexibility whether you are crossing a field or climbing over a stile.

These trousers have thigh vents to help keep you cool and poppers on the ankles to give you a tight fit around your chosen footwear. Hardwearing and weather resistant, the Terra Ridge trousers are the ideal option for a range of walks from a quick stroll down the lane to a day trip across the moors.


Regatta Ladies Riverwood Welly Black/Wild Orchid

Regatta Ladies Riverwood Welly Black


We all know that wellys aren’t the most fashionable of options, but when it comes to dog walking, they are often the best.

If you are going to be traipsing through muddy paths or wading through wet fields, then shoes and ankle boots simply won’t cut it. These great wellys from Regatta have a splash of pink to give them a feminine touch and leave you walking through the countryside in style.



Dog walking doesn’t have to leave you feeling frumpy and unfashionable; there are loads of clothing ranges out there that are designed to keep you warm and dry while still looking great.

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