What Men Should Say When Shopping

So you’re being dragged around the shops, and you’re running out of nice things to say about the 102 pieces of clothing your other half has tried on already, and the thousands of trinkets your elderly neighbours might like.
To help you out this Christmas, we’ve come up with this fantastic list of phrases for you to have ready on the tip of your tongue when you have reached the 34rd clothes store of your shopping trip:

“How much is it?”
– Can be a lifesaver to find out how much that £200 dress is before you even mention it looks nice.

“That looks nice!”
– Great if you need to provide feedback on ANYTHING she tries on.

“We could always look somewhere else…”
– Somewhere with less prams and lower price tags?.

“I can hold those for you!”
– You will definitely be able to move around the shop and be out of it quicker if you speed up the process by being her own personal clothes hanger.

“We should go for a drink before the next shop – I’ll pay!”
– Anything for a sit down and a nice cold beverage before you have to face the next 10 shops full of people.

“It’s a great fit on you!”
– You will definitely reap the rewards of this one later…!

“Why don’t I get you this?”
– You never know, she might take you up on this and decide it’s time to treat you too…

“Great idea – he/she’ll love it!”
– If you make her think she is good at gift buying, you may get out of doing it forever more!

“Does it come in a different colour?”
– If something really doesn’t look great on her then maybe it will in another colour?…….Maybe?

“Those shoes really bring out the colour of your eyes!”
– It’s a known fact that shoe displays can hypnotise women, so by getting her away from them with a new pair in hand ASAP is critical.

“Why don’t you get an accessory to match it?”
– If she gets something to match in this shop, you won’t have to go to an “accessory specific” shop – right?

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