How to Call Mountain Rescue

How to Call Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue Number

A recent survey undertaken in Wales by Julia Kramer has found that only 5% of the 256 people surveyed knew the correct way in which to call out mountain rescue should they need help.

Out of those that were not sure what the correct procedure was, 61% thought that the right thing to do was to ring for an Ambulance using 999. This however can cause potential problems and inappropriate responses to the situation, as many ambulance services do not have any set procedure for handling search and rescue calls. Kramer pointed out:

“Ambulances can’t get up mountains, and air ambulances can’t land on steep ground, but ambulance services are sometimes asked to attend inaccessible locations which require a hoist-equipped helicopter or mountain rescue team.”

Morse Code for SOS

So what is the correct procedure if you require the services of mountain rescue?

First of all, ensure your safety and aid the rest of your party as well as you can by checking their airways and circulation. Then take an evaluation of their injuries to present to the rescue team.

Find shelter and make sure your location is identifiable so that you can be found, use a tent or brightly coloured bag to draw attention to your position. If you can, write down the grid reference, injuries, party members and any other details you think might help the rescue team.

What to Know Before an Emergency

Call 999 or 112 and ask for “Police – Mountain Rescue”, if you are in a remote location you may need to find good signal so that you can sustain a clear and informative call with the person on the other end of the line.

You can also register with an emergency sms service at, so you can send a text message to 999 with the details of which service you require, what your problem is and where you are.

What to do in an Emergency without a Phone

Mountain rescue carry out approximately 1500 rescue missions every year, they help out other emergency services such as the police and ambulance, but unlike them they are a charity and not funded by the government. The teams cover England and Wales and are on call 24/7 to help out walkers and climbers as well as carrying out river rescues.

There are many ways you can help raise funds for the Mountain Rescue teams to support all their hard work. You could organise your own fundraising event, or find an already established event to attend and help out, without having to arrange things from scratch. The money raised supports all the teams across England and Wales and helps supply a huge range of equipment and training courses to ensure that the service benefits people across the country.

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