The Walking Safety Guide

At Great Outdoors Superstore we know that walking isn’t an extreme sport, but it can be a dangerous one!

Over the past couple of months, we have been working on a campaign to improve the awareness and knowledge of walkers and hikers around the world so that they are fully equipped for any emergency situation, whilst out and about. The campaign behind our “Walking Safety Guide” is based on a survey put together by the Mountaineering Council of Scotland.

It showed that only a tiny 5% of the 256 mountain users asked, knew who to call in an emergency when walking in the hills. To help greatly increase this figure, we have been putting together a series of resources to help you be prepared, if an emergency arises when you are out enjoying the beautiful British countryside.

Think of this as your walking survival guide!

A guide for walking safely

Here are just a couple of the topics we have covered so far. But keep checking back as we are adding new  ones all the time, and if you have a request – send it over!

As walking is one of Britain’s favourite past-times, we wanted to make sure that you got to enjoy the countryside knowing you were prepared for any situation that may arise.

As well as the information on the sort of gear you need to take with you, we will be getting advice from some of Britain’s most loved walking enthusiasts, treating you to some ideas from a couple of associations and pointing you down the right path when it comes to doing first aid out in the wilderness.

I Think I Know How to Walk!

We aren’t trying to preach here.

We know you are smart enough to prepare for every walk & hike you go on, but what happens if under a pressured situation you forget some key things? Facts about your party? Allergy information? Or what number to call?

The walking safety guide has been designed to give you important information as quickly and easily as possible, whilst giving you clear instructions on what to do in a number of emergency situations. The back has been designed so you can hand it out to your party, getting everyone to fill in the details and also to add to it any information you think will be relevant to your walk.

Let’s face it, 9 times out of 10, you won’t need the emergency information, but if you have it with you, you will always know what to do if it comes to the crunch time. We are keen to promote safety in all ages, so we will be adding a number of tips for both youngsters and adults over the next few pages.

If after reading this you want something to take away with you, try this downloadable PDF –  perfect for group trips. It features a check list and space for information on each of your party members at the back, for quick reactions in case of an emergency. You will even get a 10% discount code on all of our stuff.

Download and View it here

Hiking Checklist

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