The Alternative Christmas Shopping Guide for Men

Meet Barry

Part of him loves Christmas – all that time off work, not to mention the eating and drinking that comes with it. But part of him dreads being dragged into town by his Mrs in an attempt to get everyone she knows (not forgetting herself) a few little Christmas gifts.

Like many men, Barry can’t stand tediously crawling around the shops, especially near Christmas time when women stampede anyone who gets in their way and will happily attack the nearest shopper with a coat hanger to get the item they had their hands on first.

To help men like Barry cope in these scary times, we have come up with the Alternative Christmas Guide:

Alternative Christmas Shopping Guide

Make sure you read this guide carefully and are fully prepared the next time you have to face the shops with your other half. Share this with all your friends and family too so that men around the world can unite and face the stress of shopping together.

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