The 7 Best Hiking Clothing Brands

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of hiking, or you’re a seasoned pro looking to upgrade your kit with so many brands on the market, it can be tricky to know which gear to choose.

At Great Outdoors Superstore, we’ve rounded up our seven best hiking clothing brands to make choosing your hiking essentials super easy. Featuring a little bit of background to each brand and some standout pieces from their collection, you’re guaranteed to stay warm, dry and comfortable on your next hike.

7 best hiking clothing brands

Table of contents:

  1. Didriksons
  2. Montane
  3. The North Face
  4. Craghoppers
  5. Berghaus
  6. Marmot
  7. Jack Wolfskin

1 Didriksons

Born out of a small fishing village on the west coast of Sweden over 100 years ago, Didriksons was a life-saving solution to a common problem.

Julius and Hanna Didrikson first met in 1910 through a personal ad posted by Julius. They fell in love, and their union led to a groundbreaking idea. Having both grown up in poor fishing villages, they’d both lost loved ones to harsh weather conditions at sea, so with Hanna’s flair for business and Julius’ inventive mind, they began to create clothing tailored to solving this problem.

By first experimenting with oils brushed onto clothing, they developed a waterproof garment that could withstand harsh winds and downpours at sea. Word spread quickly about this groundbreaking idea, and Didriksons was established.

The Didriksons brand’s ethos remains the same today, with their main aim to keep their customers dry and comfortable, whatever their outdoor pursuit. Environmentally conscious, too, they are constantly experimenting with new processes to create clothing that uses as little water, energy and transport as possible by learning from their history. 

Didriksons are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment as much as is physically possible to preserve the outdoor environment their clothing relies on.

One of Scandinavia’s leading outdoor jacket brands, Didriksons, produces clothing for men, women and children. Giving their wearers the freedom to explore, whatever the weather, is what makes them a surefire choice as one of our best hiking clothing brands. 

Didriksons key features:

  • Jackets and coats made from the best in waterproof and windproof technology
  • A perfect choice for staying warm and dry when hiking
  • Recycled materials used for designs where possible 
  • Jackets perfect for stormy weather

Our top pick:

7 best hiking clothing brands

All Didriksons parkas are made from the best storm-resistant, waterproof and windproof fabrics, with sealed seams for added weather protection, and this Ladies Erica 2 Parka is no exception. Designed to protect you from the harshest weather, it’s the perfect pick for your long coastal walk.

2 Montane

The perfect choice for endurance sports and activities, Montane makes innovative, lightweight and breathable clothing and equipment built for the most extreme environments. 

For over 25 years, Montane has worked closely with mountain professionals, from the British Antarctic Survey to British Mountain Rescue Teams, to test their garments in the harshest and most hostile conditions. A proving ground for innovations, Montane was able to push the limits of single layer mountain clothing to create the best lightweight and high-performance design. 

Later, they began to understand the value and importance of windproof clothing, creating the first packable windproof, breathable wind shirt, the Featherlite Smock. Tried and tested under challenging conditions, this groundbreaking design proved that windproof garments were the key to moving quickly and comfortably across the mountains. 

Montane continues to use advances in fabric technologies to create the best and most efficient products suited to hiking, mountaineering and extreme conditions. Using the world’s leading fabric suppliers, Montane strives to create the lightest, toughest, most practical and functional products on the market.

Using some of the world’s best endurance athletes to test out clothing through ultras and brutal endurance events to aid production, Montane are the front-runner for lightweight, packable clothing that’s hard-working and built to last. Made from ethically sourced materials, they are also committed to the environment as they strive to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising product performance.

Montane’s key features:

  • Featherlite clothing is lightweight and packable
  • Extreme range is iconic and used by outdoor professionals and mountain rescue teams worldwide 
  • Terra Mission pants are highly weather resistant and thermal efficient   Made from softshell material, they provide unrestricted movement making them perfect for mountaineering and hiking.
  • All Montane base layers work to remove moisture, to keep the wearer warm and dry in the most demanding conditions.

Our top pick:

7 best hiking clothing brands

Built to keep you warm in the coldest of climates, the Montane Featherlite down jacket is super lightweight and highly packable; perfect packing for hiking on the go. Complete your look with the iconic men’s terra pants.

3 The North Face

The North Face, named after the coldest, most extreme mountainside, is renowned for helping explorers reach unfathomable heights in the harshest conditions. One of the best hiking clothing brands on the market, whether you’re a casual stroller or an extreme hiker, you’ll find clothing and outerwear perfect for your next adventure.

The North Face story began on North Beach in San Francisco. In 1966, co-founders Douglas Tompkins and Susie Tompkins Bell set up a small mountaineering store that offered high-performance mountain wear and backpacking equipment to share their passion for mountaineering with like-minded people. Moving to the other side of San Francisco in 1968, they began to design and manufacture mountaineering apparel and equipment too.

Promoting the idea that people should ‘never stop exploring’, the pair had interested a following of outdoor athletes, and they began to sponsor their expeditions to far-flung parts of the globe. This idea gathered further momentum during the eighties when travel opportunities grew, and The North Face branched out into extreme ski wear, helping to pave the way for today’s free-spirited snowsports athletes. By the end of the 80s, The North Face was the sole supplier to offer a wide selection of high-performance outerwear, tents, equipment and skiwear to the USA.

Continuing to innovate, The North Face launched their Tekware range during the 90s, a sportswear collection made for the perfect fit and function of rock climbers, hikers, backpackers and trail runners. The iconic logo began to appear more frequently at endurance sports events, proving that the brand was an excellent fit for this market. Then, by adding trail running and trek shoes to their collection in the early 2000s, they were able to offer durable, high-performance essentials to their wearers, dressing them from head to toe.

Now committing to sustainability from start to finish, The North Face continues to innovate whilst reducing its impact on the planet. Eliminating single-use plastic from their packaging and striving for change in the production of their products, you can rely on The North Face to provide high-quality hiking gear that’s sustainable and built to last a lifetime.

The North Face key features:

  • Warm, comfortable, wearable clothing for both everyday dressing and endurance activities 
  • Waterproof materials with quick-drying technology to keep you cool and dry whilst mid-hike or trek.
  • Comfortable and breathable footwear fit for performance, finished with Futurelight materials to allow your feet to breathe
  • Stylish and practical accessories to keep you warm in the winter and fully protected in the summer

Our top pick:

7 best hiking clothing brands

The North Face Men’s Apex Flex Softshell Jacket is an essential choice for hiking. Made from waterproof and windproof softshell, it’s an ideal choice for long hikes through the hills and high-endurance outdoor pursuits. The perfect pick for fast movers everywhere!

4 Craghoppers

For the last 50 years, Craghoppers have been creating comfortable and practical clothing to help their customers stay on the trails. 

A combination of innovation, designs and new technology is what makes Craghoppers one of the best hiking brands on the market. Constant improvements to their products see them strive to offer more comfortable, super lightweight, fully-insulated, sun-protective products that keep getting better year after year.

Standout Craghoppers pieces include Nosilife trousers, a world-leader in lightweight outdoor and the Nosilife adventure collection, which offers both sun protection and protection against insect bites.

Craghoppers key features:

  • Innovative and affordable pieces for men, women and children
  • Products tailored to all seasons
  • Nosilife garments are perfect for summer hikes. Offering the best in sun protection and insect protection, they reduce insect bites by up to 90%
  • Highly packable options 
  • Recyclable materials 

Our top pick:

7 best hiking clothing brands

The Nosilife adventure range offers odour control, moisture removal, sun protection and protection from insect bites. These ladies’ Nosilife trousers convert into shorts and are perfect for warm weather hiking.

5 Berghaus

Berghaus was founded in the North East of England by Gordon Davison and Peter Lockey. Starting in Newcastle as LD Mountain Centre, they concentrated on selling the best and most innovative outdoor wear that the industry offered and were the first suppliers of the SCARPA walking boot in the UK. 

After knowing the market so well for so long, a natural step for the team was to create their own brand, inspired by what their customers wanted and needed. Berghaus was born.

They revolutionised hiking rucksacks by creating the world’s first backpack with an internal frame for more comfortable carrying. Still a feature of the range, it paved the way for further rucksack development.

During the 80s, Berghaus led the way in outdoor wear, developing multi-layered jackets and clothing for protection against all weather conditions. The first time a walking coat was designed with a zip-in fleece that made it perfect for warm and cold weather conditions, they changed the way people thought about their outdoor clothing. 

The 80s also saw Berghaus dress extreme explorers, Sir Chris Bonington, on his Everest ascent and Alan Hinkes, the UK’s most successful mountaineer, solidifying the brand as the number one choice for lovers of extreme outdoor adventuring. The Extrem range launched in 1986 and was tailored to suit this market, still featuring in the Berghaus collection today. Going on to be pioneers in tailored performance gear for women, too, Berghaus have been innovators in the outdoor industry throughout their long history, placing them well in the running for one of the UK’s best hiking clothing brands.

Still pioneers in their field, Berghaus constantly adapt their products to offer practicality and ease to their customers and use industry-leading fabrics and technologies to ensure that their products are of the highest quality and durability. Award-winners for their innovative designs, you can trust Berghaus for lightweight clothing and accessories options that will keep you moving quickly and comfortably whilst hiking or enjoying the great outdoors.

Berghaus key features:

  • Brand pioneers, Berghaus clothing, is produced and adapted to suit a whole host of environments for comfortable hiking whatever the conditions 
  • Rucksacks and backpacks tailored to be lightweight and mould to the body for even weight distribution and comfort when walking
  • Products with moisture control technology to keep you dry whilst on the move
  • Gore-Tex® technology allows for fully waterproof yet breathable fabrics.

Our top pick:

7 best hiking clothing brands

Berghaus rucksacks are an excellent choice for comfortable hiking. This TwentyFour Seven 25 litre daysack is made from breathable fabric, is lightweight, and has storage for hiking poles and a hydration tank, making it perfect for your next hiking adventure.

6 Marmot

Marmot was born out of a love for the mountains shared by hikers, climbers, skiers and campers and the spirit of inclusivity. Founded on an Alaskan Glacier by Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley in 1971, Marmot started as a social club where every member was the president and grew into a business for hiking lovers and exploring the great outdoors.

Starting as Marmot Mountain Works in the 1970s, making sleeping bags and then creating down vests, sweaters and parkas, it was the appointment of their third founder, Tom Boyd, that transformed the brand. Boyd’s chance encounter with a film producer Mike Hoover whilst climbing in Peru saw Hoover call the team and ask them to produce 100 hundred puffer jackets for the movie “The Eiger Sanction” starring Clint Eastwood. They agreed, even though it was their most significant order to date and they hadn’t yet produced the jackets. They were now in the movies, and the Marmot brand had arrived.

The first outdoor apparel company to use GORE-TEX® in their products, Marmot also introduced other innovative ideas to their lines, such as VELCRO sleeve cinching to keep out the cold and harsh weather and reduce the weight of all of their clothing for light packing. The brand was also one of the first to produce women-specific outdoor styles in support of female athletes. 

Today, the Marmot message harks back to the original formation of the club and the idea that people should be able to explore the great outdoors and escape the sameness of everyday life. Their innovative, sustainable products and ideas for preserving the planet at the forefront of everything they do, are what makes them one of the best hiking clothing brands today.

Marmot key features:

  • Featherlite insulation underwent two years of scientific testing to replace natural down. Warmer and easier to pack, it’s a revolutionary product that keeps insulating, even when wet
  • EVODry technology; waterproof tech made using eco production and upcycled fibres
  • Many garments made from recycled materials 
  • Lightweight for easy packing and carrying

Our top pick:

7 best hiking brands

This Marmot Ladies Featherless Hoody epitomises Marmot’s technological excellence. Fully insulated, super lightweight, packable into their pocket and made with insulation that’s made from recycled materials, it’s the perfect choice for hiking or walking around town.

7 Jack Wolfskin

The Jack Wolksin ethos is to inspire people to get outdoors and connect with nature. The brand is an obvious choice for our best hiking clothing list, unifying functionality, sustainability, and fashionable design.

The story began over forty years ago when Ulrich Dausien began selling wares on a flea market stall in Germany to fund his studies. This small business took off and allowed him to save up 10000 Deutschmarks in a short space of time.

It was the age of backpacking, and Dausien spotted a gap in the market. Germany offered little variety and quality with its backpacking equipment, and Dausien wondered whether he could exploit this opportunity. Then, at a hunting exhibition, Dausien met Taiwanese businessman Robin Hsu. Hsu was selling neon ponchos and sleeping bags at this otherwise neutral hunting show, and Dausien, seeing the potential of the products, used his savings to buy the lot.

He sold the gear under the name Hobbyt at his University, printing flyers to spread the word. An alternative to the department stores of the time, his business was a success. Shortly after, Dausien opened his first store named Sine, after his old scout nickname, to sell these innovative products. 

Although the store was successful, Dausien wanted to make his own products to better suit customer needs and demands. After a trip to Alaska to retrace the steps of explorer Jack London, Jack Wolfskin was born, using Jack’s name in homage and the image of a wolf.

Testing and developing products in the real world and improving them for his customers made the brand accelerate. Dausien sold Jack Wolfskin to the US group Johnson Outdoors almost ten years later so the brand could become a global success. 

Now one of Europe’s largest outdoor manufacturers, Jack Wolfskin is a reliable choice for all of your hiking clothing and equipment. Sustainable too, the company has recently rejected the use of fur and Angora wool, banned PFCs and is constantly developing green, innovative materials to help preserve the natural world for its explorers.

Key features of Jack Wolfskin:

  • Experts in the field with tried and products 
  • Green and sustainable
  • Clothes tailored to a range of seasons and for head to toe dressing
  • Fabric technology is suited to a range of conditions, including windproof, waterproof, breathability and moisture control

Our top pick:

7 best hiking clothing brands

A perfect choice for hiking, these Men’s Vojo 3 Mid Boots are waterproof and breathable, making them ideal for rainy hikes. Ultra-lightweight and comfortable, too, they’re the footwear you need for your next expedition.

Explore our extensive range of brands at Great Outdoors Superstore to find all of our best hiking clothing brands alongside many more top picks, and get ready for your next hiking adventure! Or for more options, shop our range of hiking footwear too. 

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