Supporting Northumberland Mountain Rescue


The Great Outdoors Superstore volunteered to have a weekend in the Northumberland hills with The Northumberland National Parks Mountain Rescue Team.

Having left early in the morning the volunteers were given a real life accident scenario which saw the original team of four split into two, both parties needing the services of the Mountain Rescue for medical attention, and to assure their survival.

The Mountain Rescue Team acted superbly, and both parties were found quickly, the necessary medical attention was administered on the spot and, although one of the party had to be stretchered out, all were brought back safe and sound.

The exercise was deemed a success by both the Mountain Rescue Team and the Great Outdoors Superstore volunteers involved.

As one of the volunteers I have to say that, should you find yourself in need of rescue, these guys are amazing, but please bear in mind that they are all volunteers, and they give up their own time to make sure their training and skills meet the high standard required to save lives in the hills in all weathers.

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