Survival Guides

Winter Driving 17/12/2013

Driving Home for Christmas – The Survival Guide

Driving in the winter months is likely to test even the most experienced of motorists. Figures from the Department for Transport (DfT) show that in 2012, 38 people were killed, 544 were seriously injured and 4,584 were slightly injured in road accidents reported in Great Britain when there was snow or ice on the road surface. With that in mind, it makes sense to be prepared and get yourself organised to face the elements, especially as walkers or hikers, you’re likely to be slightly off-the-beaten-track if bad weather strikes. Before... Read More

Men on their phones around Changing Rooms 27/11/2013

Five Ways to Identify a Male Shopper

When you are out shopping in town and deciding which shops you will brave next, you may see a rare species on animal that makes a big appearance around the months of Christmas. It moves slowly and quietly and skulks in the corners of shops – it is usually referred to as… The Reluctant Male Shopper!! In case you go on the hunt for this precious and rare being, we have some top tips on the best way to identify one, should you stumble upon it and wish to treat... Read More

Men are Mindless Robots When Shopping 26/11/2013

What Men Should Say When Shopping

So you’re being dragged around the shops, and you’re running out of nice things to say about the 102 pieces of clothing your other half has tried on already, and the thousands of trinkets your elderly neighbours might like. To help you out this Christmas, we’ve come up with this fantastic list of phrases for you to have ready on the tip of your tongue when you have reached the 34rd clothes store of your shopping trip: “How much is it?” – Can be a lifesaver to find out how... Read More

Meet Barry 22/11/2013

The Alternative Christmas Shopping Guide for Men

Meet Barry Part of him loves Christmas – all that time off work, not to mention the eating and drinking that comes with it. But part of him dreads being dragged into town by his Mrs in an attempt to get everyone she knows (not forgetting herself) a few little Christmas gifts. Like many men, Barry can’t stand tediously crawling around the shops, especially near Christmas time when women stampede anyone who gets in their way and will happily attack the nearest shopper with a coat hanger to get the... Read More

black friday 11/11/2013

Ultimate Guide to Black Friday 2013

This year, Black Friday will take place on November 29th 2013, and people will be ready to pounce on any deal they can get their hands on. Black Friday was originally a US tradition, as it marked the first full day of Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving. Some of the year’s biggest discounts can be found on this day, so before it is upon us, check out our ultimate survival guide to Black Friday 2013: Start Early The Black Friday deals actually very rarely start on the day itself. Many shops... Read More

dog in the rain 24/10/2013

Top Dog Walking Clothes

We all love our dogs, they are great companions to take with us on walks through the countryside and even just to explore the fields and land around us, but one big bugbear when it comes to walking your dog is clothing. Walking your dog in grim weather such as the wind and rain can really put a dampener on your walks, especially if you end up freezing cold and soaked through. It really adds to the situation when your canine pal gives you a big hug when you get... Read More

Hiking Checklist 30/09/2013

The Walking Survival Guide is here…

Walking may seem like a safe hobby to take up, but when you are hiking up a mountain or lost on the moors, there could be a danger around every corner. We have decided to create a walking safety guide as a resource for walkers of all different experiences, whether you are just starting out or have been hiking around the country for years – there is something to guide everyone along the way. From a recent study undertaken in Wales, results showed that only 5% of mountain users knew... Read More