5 Gift Ideas for a Chic Geek Lady

Christmas gifts can be a nightmare for the woman in your life. Sometimes, even the slightest mistake, such as buying the wrong brand of perfume, can spell disaster and misery.

If your partner considers herself a bit Geek Chic then here are five trendy gift ideas that will make perfect little stocking fillers:

Barts Jasmin Scarf1. Treat her to a scarf

If you’re lady is a fan of Dr Who, then a beautiful scarf may go down perfectly well on the 25th of December.

For a very fine price, this Barts Jasmin Scarf may well serve as a perfect stocking filler to keep her warm for the last few months of winter.
Adopt a Donkey

2. Adopt a donkey

If both you and your lady love the idea of caring after animals, then you can really treat her with the adoption for a donkey.

For just £24, she will receive a splendid adoption pack, information about her donkey, postcards and access to donkey webcams throughout the year.


Headphone Earmuffs3. Keep her warm with headphone earmuffs

Music is one of the defining features of the Christmas season, but then again, so is the cold.

With a wonderful set of headphone earmuffs however, the one you love can battle the cold while listening to her favourite Christmas tunes this season.


favourite song framed picture4. Song to her heart

Keeping to the topic of music.

If your lady has a favourite song, or you share a special Justin Bieber tune. Get the words to the song printed into a frame for a simple, yet heart warming gift that will be sure to get her heart singing with joy on Christmas Day


5. Have a joke with a Pug t-shirt

Possibly one of the most loved dog breeds on the internet, and also the riskiest item on this list, pugs have taken 2013 by storm and now you can enjoy a laugh together with a fabulous pug t-shirt on Christmas Day.

Pug T-shirt

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